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10 Best Pendant Lights for Your Office


Office Lighting is a simple way to enjoy illuminate your work space while adding a touch of great décor.  As a matter of fact, upgrading your work office, or really any desk or table space is easy with Office Lighting. Office Lighting comes in a variety of different styles so that you will absolutely be able to find the right product to fit your space and fill any of your office lighting needs.  In the first place, this list highlights the 10 best PENDANT style office lights (in no specific order).

1.    Cielo by Pablo Designs – $260.00

To begin, through its minimal form and glare-free, flat panel LED technology, Cielo enables light to act as its expressive element and defining feature. Its finish palate also works to this end, underscoring the lamp’s simple structure and exalting its light. Cielo’s classic shape integrates into any environment, regardless of style, and it can be suspended individually, in a series or as a chandelier to provide warm and balanced illumination. The larger the grouping, the bolder the display. Cielo offers a full dimming range and is composed of energy efficient LEDs rated for up to 50K hours.

2.    BuzziLight by BuzziSpace – $1,430.00

Next, the BuzziLight is a striking phenomenon. The strips of sound absorbing felt are fixed around a steel structure, allowing this light object to take on different shapes. Whether you opt for eye-catching Pink or Stylish Stone Grey, the BuzziLight is a trendsetter in any space.

3.    Qube by v2 Lighting Group

Following, the outline and proportions of the QUBE product family provides a distinct aesthetic look that complements today’s modern architectural design.

Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CCT with up to 5,000 lumens of direct illumination or 8,000 total lumens combined direct and indirect lighting.

QUBE LX: Long shell + square cylinder

available as pendant, sconce, surface mount, yoke, up+down pendant and up+down sconce

QUBE SX: Short shell + square cylinder

available as pendant, sconce, surface mount and yoke.

4.    Aspect by Soltech Solutions – ($219.99)

Additionally, the first luxury plant light, the plated pendant Aspect is ideal for providing both direct plant lighting and indirect museum-quality lighting.  The Aspect’s durability and innovative design are reflected through its sleek aluminum body, nylon cord designed for adjustable lengthening and custom LED chip which provides both photosynthetic and ambient lighting.  This allows the Aspect’s recognizable  beauty and performance which is revealed through the richness of its museum-quality lighting and the vibrancy of the plant life beneath it.

The plated Aspect serves to not just grow plants, not just provide light, but to integrate the essence of both and create a beautifully green and ambient atmosphere out of any space.

Bring your office to life today in light of the Aspect!

5.    Caravaggio by Hightower – ($595.00)

Next, the Caravaggio is an iconic series of steel pendants with an eye-catching high-gloss lacquer. The suspension technology is masculine in construction, creating the right counterbalance to the shade’s feminine lines. Caravaggio is characterized by direct light without glare. The uplight from the pendant’s top also adds to the room’s ambient light. Furthermore, it is available with a black or white high gloss lacquer shade, matte grey or black, or an opal glass shade.

6.    Spoke by Fluxwerx

In addition, the Spoke is a unique pendant luminaire with fluid minimalist form and no visible power cords, fully luminous interior and hollow aperture that creates longitudinal transparency through the fixture.

Spoke’s Generation 3 anidolic extraction optics eliminate views of LED sources, creating visualcomfort without glare. High-performance indirect/direct batwing distributions deliver efficacy to 119 LPW with multiple CCTs, chromatic accuracy <2 SDCM and extraordinary lumen maintenance of L70 >200,000h.

Spoke’s independent Up | Down switching provides dimmable/switchable independent control of the distributions. A Dynamic White enabled solution,Spoke offers a lighting solution designed to meet functional requirements for human-centric environments.

7.    Blip by Workagile

This beautifully formed pendant light, available in Black or White. The gold internal surface provides a rich and warm glow engendering a reflective mood. An agile workplace needs lighting zones coupled with beautiful design that allows staff to seek out the zone that best reflects their mode of work.

8.    Nut C by MZPA – $390.00

Ukrainian designer Yulia Kononenko together with the MZPA company created a family of “NUT C” lamps. Consequently, the collection includes 4 types of lamps that differ in diameter and configuration. All of those are ceiling lamps; they share one style, with similar elements. They combine strong ash wood, Italian belt leather, and aluminum tube. Adapted to the USA market and is staffed with UL listed components.

The collection “Nut C” combines simple and functional design, can be a wonderful complement for any space.

9.    L001/A by Pedrali – $118.72

Moreover, there is a right lamp for every location and situation. The L001 lamp collection includes in its range a suspension lamp, a floor lamp, a wall lamp and a table lamp.

Design: Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rora Nodari.

10.    Cloud by David Trubridge – $14,315.00

Finally, inspired by the clouds that David saw sitting over small islands all over the Pacific Ocean, which were used by Polynesian navigators to find islands from afar. Cloud lights compliment our upholstered Island Seats and can be hung directly over the same shape.

Equally important, all of the information in this blog was gathered from various pages from Office Snapshots: Browse, discover, and be inspired by the world’s best office designs.

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