Add plants to your home

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Add Plants to Your Home/ Office

Sustainability is in. It benefits both employers and employees. Incorporating sustainability practices in the workplace is proven to promote worker satisfaction and productivity. A study done by Tensie Whelan and Carly Fink found that employee loyalty was 38 percent higher and morale 55 percent higher in companies with a strong culture of sustainability. 1

Sustainability is also useful for those that have the flexibility to work from home. Whether you’re looking to increase your productivity or just boost your space, you should consider incorporating sustainability practices in your home and office. Here are some simple things you can do:

1. Stay in

Staying in is both environmentally and economically friendly. It saves money on gas and reduces your carbon footprint. Plus having your own space promotes creativity and gives you more elbow room. You’ll be able to dedicate more time to your loved ones and you can even stay in your pajamas all day.

2. Chill out

When we are stressed we are pushed to consume more as a way to alleviate that stress. If you remind yourself to relax you are less likely uselessly consume. Instead of leaving the light on after leaving the room, flip the off switch. Spend less time scrolling through your phone or staring at the computer and engage with the actual work you need to get done. These practices not only have benefits for your physical and mental health, they are also environmentally friendly.

3. Naturalize your Space

Have you ever wondered why humans feel happier when surrounded by nature? Humans have an innate connection to nature. This is explained by E.O. Wilson, a renowned biologist, as biophilia, our genetic affinity to connect with the natural world around us. 2 No wonder laborers feel down after working a 9-5 job in an enclosed space with no windows or taking a break usually allows searching for some “fresh air”.

You can upgrade your space and satisfy your biophilia by adding plants and light to your home/ office. Not only are they fun to look at, but they provide you with some extra oxygen so you can take a deep breath.


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