Architectural Plant Lighting

Soltech Solutions is a leader in the emerging industry of specialty lighting for interior design projects that include living plants. To explain further, the specific niche that Soltech fits into is architectural plant lighting, which is useful for commercial projects that celebrate “biophilia” and seek to bring nature closer to where we live and work. These kinds of projects include living walls, vertical gardens, urban farms, and arrangements of house plants.

Now this specialty lighting is the future of interior design. That is to say, the concept of architectural plant lighting is relatively new. It can benefits interior designers and architects in many ways. For example, it gives them more freedom in their design to use natural features. For instance, living plants can highlight any room with their earthy tones. However, if there isn’t sufficient sunlight in a given room then the plants will not survive unless grow lights are placed. Proper grow lighting shouldn’t dampen the style of a room. The beautifully designed grow lights by Soltech Solutions allow designers and home-decorators to use plants in their designs. Now plants can thrive in dark rooms, on cloudy days or even in the winter. A room will literally glow when plants coupled with architectural plant lights are added to it. 

This paper focuses on interior design with plants and grow lights. It is necessary to mention the relevant history of the fields of gardening, architecture and lighting to provide context. Their point of intersection is where the potential of timeless and architectural plant lighting begins.

To learn more read the white paper here.

Photo by Jonathan Lefrancois

Photo by Jonathan Lefrancois


*Featured Image @ Budweiser Gardens; Living Wall by New Earth Solutions, Custom 15 Light Highland Track System by Soltech Solutions*

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