Aspect Installation

1.  Open your Aspect box by cutting or peeling the tape off of the front.  Please recycle the box if you decide to discard it

2.  Unpack the contents of the box:  Aspect Unit, Outlet Timer, 1 Swag Hook, 2 Wall Fairleads, 3 White cup hooks, and a Quick Start Guide

3.  When hanging the Aspect make sure you install the 1 Swag Hook first before the 2 Wall Fairleads.  The swag hook should be installed directly above the Aspect on the ceiling. Find a location that is suitable for hanging the Aspect and use a 3/16” drill bit for the included swag hook anchor

4.  Insert the screw into the swag hook then use a hand screwdriver to tighten the screw to the anchor.  The swag hook should be placed on the ceiling directly above the Aspect to hold most of the weight of the light.

5.  After the swag hook is securely fastened to the ceiling, run the cord in the notch of the swag hook.  Here you can easily adjust the hanging height of the Aspect.  Refer to your Quick Start Guide (pg. 9) for a more in depth look into hanging heights.

6.  To prevent the cord from sliding down from the swag hook, we use the 2 Wall Fairleads to secure the cord to the wall.  Find 2 spots on your wall (one about 2″ from the ceiling and one towards the bottom) where you are running the cord down.  Starting at the top mark, screw the bottom half of the fairlead into the wall.

7.  Run the cord vertically down through the wall fairlead and secure the cord by tightening the top of the fairlead to the bottom.

8.  Hang your Aspect to the correct height.  This is an example of how the Aspect should be hung from the swag hook on the ceiling to the top wall fairlead on the wall.  The bottom wall fairlead is not pictured but is at the base of the wall.

9.  After the Aspect is securely hanging at the correct height you can set your timer to the correct light cycle for the plants you are growing.  Please refer to your Quick Start guide (pg. 8) for directions on setting the timer.

10.  Plug your timer in and make sure the toggle button on the top is switched to “Timer On”.  The “Outlet On” setting turns the light permanently “on” and will not go by the timer setting.

11.  Try to enjoy your light as much as your plants!


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