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Our 10 Favorite Father’s Day Gifts for a Gardening Man

Father’s Day is fast approaching and it’s a special day to show them your appreciation for making you into the strong and loving person you are.  Their patience, love and strength deserve to not only be recognized but rewarded.  But buying a gift for the man who seems to already have it all is not easy, hence the eternal ‘tie for a gift’ joke.

That’s why this year’s Father’s Day we have picked out some of our favorite Home & Garden gifts for the Dads who appreciate a lush forest or an exotic jungle as much as any ‘man cave’.  Here are 10 of our favorite gifts that are sure to show your token of love and respect to the man whose thumbs are as green as his heart is big.

Luxury Plant Light for the Home

What’s a ‘man’ cave without a forest?  With the first luxury plant light- the Aspect– your Dad can not only effortlessly but beautifully add his favorite foliage to his home. By growing any plant, from a dwarf olive tree to fresh herbs and spices, you’ll be sure to keep Dad happy by surrounding him with the plants and sense of nature he loves.  Shop now!

5-Piece Gardening Tool Set

Load up Dad’s arsenal with one of the sleekest most durable gardening tool sets around.  Don’t let him be left hanging when there’s a sunny day and gardening to do.  Shop here!

Komado Charcoal Grill

Speaking of sunny days, is there a better way to spend it than on a patio grilling?  And this isn’t necessarily a plant gift it’s just a great gift for any guy who appreciates admiring his garden from a good patio while taking in the smell of smoked meats.  The best part is- you’ll reap all of the blessings.  Shop here!

Work & Play Plant Print Shirt

Whether he’s digging around in the garden, about to clock in to a casual Friday at the office, or enjoying a beer by the grill – this shirt does it all.  Durable material with a relaxed fit and clean look, this will be a new favorite in his closet.  You can get this shirt from Duluth Trading Company here!

Plant/Bar Cart

A bar cart for his plants and libations…cheers to that.  After a long days work there’s one place where you want to be able to kick back and relax, and that’d be right next to this guy.  Load it up with his favorite plants, snacks and preferred poison and you’ll be left with one happy Dad.  Shop here!

Plant Print Tie

There’s always the old ‘tie’ joke when it come to Father’s Day, but I don’t see what the problem is.  I appreciate a good tie.  Now consider this- how about this year you take it to the next step and get him the tie he might not even know he wants yet…a plant tie.  Shop here!

Easy Twist & Pop Weed Remover

Nip your lawn pests in the bud with a weed popper.  A few trips around the yard with this bad boy and your weed-free garden will help set the standard for your pristine and boastworthy lawn.  Shop now!

Easy to Use Power Washer

For some odd reason, there is something extremely satisfying about power washing.  Getting rid of that grime and build up that you thought would be impossible to wash off will make any Dad feel accomplished.  Shop here!

Men’s Gardening Hat

With a UPF of 50+ and a classic outdoorsman look, this hat says ‘cool’ in more way than one.  Why not beat the heat and turn heads at the same time.  Warning: neighbors will be lining up around the block asking him for a piece of his gardening wisdom.  You’ll find our favorite gardening hat at Duluth Trading Company where you can buy here!

Self-watering Plant Pot

Everyone loves plants, most forget to water them.  Give him the peace of mind that his plants are being regularly and responsibly watered with a self-watering plant pot.  We suggest pairing this incredible self watering pot with an Aspect for a beautiful, sleek and modern full-solution plant care system that will give your favorite plants both the water and photosynthetic light they need.  Shop here! 

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