Top 10 Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

Fall in love with these gifts

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season brings so many wonderful traditions such as family time, winter festivities, and of course, gift giving! If you are struggling under the holiday stress of what to purchase – let this guide ease your worries. We have all the gift-giving solutions for every plant lover in your life.

1. Fresh Wreaths by Terrain

What better way to welcome the holiday season than with a fresh wreath on the door? All of the plant lovers in your life will love the idea of a fresh, live holiday wreath to greet guests into their home. Terrain has a wide variety of sizes and designs and with prices ranging from $38.00-$198.00, there are many affordable options to choose from.


2. Monstera Leaf Bowls by Lauren Sumner

Just because you are shopping for a plant lover it doesn’t mean you are limited to real, live plants! These Monstera Leaf Bowls are perfect for any plant enthusiast looking for some new accessories! They are adorable and affordable ranging in prices from $18.00-$52.00. Each is handmade and modeled after the real Monstera leaf.


3. Ultimate Houseplant Starter Kit for Beginners by GreenAssembly

Shopping for someone who’s a plant lover wannabe? Look no further! This kit comes with three low maintenance plants and is delivered right to your door. It is slightly pricier than some other starter kits on the market, but the perks are worth it. Not only does it come with 3 plants, but they come in the pots of your choice, included with fertilizer, a moister metre stick, and more. Perfect for anyone who wants to earn their green thumb!


4. Plant Tags by Ibu Ivy

What could be better than plant accessories for plants? These little signs are great for herbs, indoor plants, and outdoor plants. Many different designs including name labels and funny sayings are ideal for your garden. Starting at only $5.69, these plants tags are a perfect stocking stuffer!


5. Aspect LED Plant Lights by Soltech Solutions

For any plant lover in your life, beginner or advanced, there is no better lamp that will keep their plants happy and healthy. These grow lights are designed with a careful balance between a high precision photosynthetic spectrum and supreme lighting quality. In other words, they will light your home beautifully while providing your plants with the specific light they need to stay healthy. These are perfect for anyone on your gift list who has been struggling to keep their indoor plants happy (especially in the wintertime!)


6. Succulent Earrings by JewelryForWorld

Why should succulents have to stay at home? No one loves succulent accessories like succulent owners. These little earrings are adorable and so life-like! And starting at only $16.00, these earrings are great present for plant lovers of all ages.


7. Terrarium Candle by UncommonGoods

Speaking of accessories… These terrarium candles are like a 2-in-1 present! The exquisite detail in the aesthetics combined with the wonderful smell makes for a fantastic holiday gift. Whether your gift receiver chooses to light them or not, they will catch everyone’s eye.


8. Air Plant Terrariums by Terrarium Guru

If you’re shopping for someone who is new to planting or someone who loves plants but has very little space, an air plant terrarium is an excellent gift idea. These little glass globes are beautiful and alive! Prices vary depending on the size and contents, but each one is unique and handmade for you.

9. Succulent-in-a-Can Pin by jmawork

Need a small but meaningful gift for a plant lover on your list? These pins are adorable and hilarious and perfect for a jacket, keychain, bag, or hat! Starting at only $16.50, you can customize the plant and beer combo for your favorite ‘Buds and Suds’ lover!

10. Watering Can by HAY

Someone on your list looking for a watering can as aesthetically pleasing as their plants? Look no further! These watering cans are sleek, easy to handle, and are beautiful enough to live on your shelf! They come in several colors to fit seamlessly into your home. A necessity to every plant owner and an easy way to make someone’s holiday season!


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