How to Propagate and Replant a Monstera

How to Propagate and Replant a Monstera

Who doesn’t love the Mighty Monstera? The world’s most popular house plant is known for growing quickly and for its ability to multiply. You don’t need to start from seedlings if you want to grow a new plant. You can simply trim another monstera and propagate it so the cutting grows its own roots. Voila! A new monstera plant!

The monstera plant is a way to bring home a bit of the jungle, as it is native to the rain forests of Panama and Mexico. It has large and picture-perfect leaves. The shape of its leaves is actually the product of evolution. Its leaves are shaped the way they are to resist strong winds and to collect light in dark places.

Check out our latest YouTube video for a step-by-step introduction to this process. It is propagation and repotting made easy. Leave us a comment and don’t forget to subscribe!

Step 1: Cut a monstera leaf off the mother plant under the node. This is usually beneath an aerial root.

Step 2: Put the leaf in a pot, jar, or glass of water. Make sure it stands properly.

Step 3: Let it soak for a month or two in a sunny spot or under a grow light until roots begin to sprout.

Step 4: Take rooted monstera out of the pot of water and place into a new pot with plenty of soil.

Step 5: Water it and enjoy your new monstera.

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  • After rooting and transfer to pot, is it recommended to keep the monstera under an aspect?

    Tyra Jackson

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