Interior Design shifts towards a greener aesthetic

Some of the best parts of the holiday season are decorating your interior & exterior, spending quality time with family, and of course assembling the Christmas tree to top off the holiday spirit. Having the beautiful aesthetic of plants indoors should not be limited to a few months out of the year, right? This is why interior design is shifting towards a greener, modern style that brings life and a warm feel to indoor spaces all year round.

Incorporate a fresh take on design by bringing the outdoors in through living plants and greenery. There are so many beneficial factors to having plants in your living space. They add energy and promote a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention you can grow fresh produce and herbs in your own home. The overall flow of a space can be emphasized through the addition of plants to create a unique, organic feel. To top it off, a light fixture can add that extra element of elegance and sophistication to showcase a plant. Your light fixture and plant can stand alone as a piece of art, giving your space that unique characteristic you’re looking for and your neighbor’s will envy.

Natural ➡ Cleaner

Natural lighting & accessories can create a clean, healthy atmosphere without any adding many elements. Soft & natural lighting enhances a living space to feel warm and comfortable, which is why many people appreciate skylights & large windows. By letting natural light in, your feelings & mood will be brighter and energized.

Natural accessories such as bamboo, wood or earthy, green foliage can have this same effect. These accessories typically generate a clean and active energy to the room that gives your space a personalized, unique characteristic. The tone automatically becomes warmer compared to glass or plastic, which gives off a cold tone. It’s quite simple to add a natural, sophisticated look to your space by incorporating these simple elements into your home. Plus, a space with more natural elements brings out harmony and balance in your home.

Leafy Chic

How edgy & chic is this space? Talk about a fresh, natural take on interior design. This room encompasses everything we love about modern design. From its crisp, clean colors to the unique yet relaxing wallpaper, this room has it all! With the color scheme playing an neutral, earthy tones, the live plant bounces well off of the leafy wallpaper. Keeping the plants simple, and low to the ground creates a balanced, modern look. The bright, natural lighting opens up the room while the vibrant throw pillows work with the lighting to give off an energetic feeling. The simple, clean throw rug is perfect to bounce off of the earthy tones in this space, all while breaking up the darker floor with lightened color.

Industrial Charm

Plants can act as a spotlight or frame a particular space or object in your room. I love the aesthetic of this warm, cozy space because it is unique, enticing, and has an urban yet homey charm to it! The bricks give off an industrial, warm mood because they play well with the brown color scheme. The first thing I notice in this space is the fiddle-leaf fig tree showcasing the natural lighting. Fiddle-leaf fig trees are a great plant to try out in your interior to give your space the energy it deserves (psst..the 40 watt Aspect would look great above this). This room brings the element of nature indoors with the natural lighting and hardwood floors.

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