Introducing the Greenfit™

Improving How You Grow Plants in Your Home or Office

Making life a little greener – that’s our mission and our passion here at Soltech.  We continuously innovate with the sole intent of making the integration of plants into indoor spaces as beautiful and effortless as possible.  That’s why we are introducing the service of ‘Greenfitting’.

What is Greenfitting?  A term originally coined by the team here at Soltech, to “Greenfit™” is to outfit or retrofit rooms with indirect supplemental plant lighting in addition to any direct supplemental plant lighting.  Through greenfitting, plants and spaces are provided with softer, more evenly spread, and fuller supplemental photosynthetic lighting.

Traditionally, plant lights are marketed and sold in a strictly light-to-plant method.  The promotes the idea of directly supporting the plants through the direct support of a grow light.  Greenfitting will allow customers to additionally support their plants and spaces with indirect photosynthetic, ambient lighting that can be retrofitted to their pre-existing light fixtures.  This serves to add a supplemental photosynthetic layer of light to any space.



This opportunity is unique to Soltech and our customers because of the high value placed on our plant lights’ appearance as well as growing power.  Soltech’s competitors such as typically offer bulbs that boast décor capability but still give off bluish and reddish hues.  On a small scale this is not as noticeable to the human eye, but when used on a medium or large scale these hues become an amplified eyesore to customers.  Soltech’s plant lights maintain their highly precise growing capability while illuminating rooms with the highest quality ambient lighting.

Through “greenfitting”, homeowners can effortlessly create more plant-friendly spaces, businesses can allow their employees to comfortably grow plants at their desks, and more importantly, everyone can make their lives a little greener.

Contact Us today to see how we can help Greenfit™ your home or office today!

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