The Need for Green in Low Light Countries

The Need for Green in Low Light Countries

I am Evgeny Stepanov from Russia. I am currently working on a project in collaboration with Lehigh University‘s School for Global Entrepreneurship and Soltech Solutions.

Soltech strives to optimize grow lighting for all conditions. However, their product would be very beneficial to Nordic countries. Many countries from the north have great problems with growing vegetables and fruits all year around because of low light. Crops struggle to grow absorbing such little energy. For example, this year, in the summer, in Russia every day it rains, and people remain without harvest. We have some problems:

1) Growing vegetables and fruits in gardens.

2)If people don’t get vitamins from vegetables and fruits, the world will have a small population in the future.

3)The population on the whole planet will dramatically decrease because there will be many diseases.

4)Without light, we cannot grow plants, and without plants, people cannot exist because plants give oxygen.

As a result, everything will be as in the “Wall-E” cartoon. We are currently delving into our own investigation on how Soltech Solution’s aspect light affects the growth of Oregano. This experiment is designed to display the effects of the grow light in comparison to the natural light. The results of this project will help present the idea that indoor planting is a viable option for everyone, especially in countries with low light.

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