Pinocchio Wall Mount Installation

1.  Pinocchio Wall Mount Installation – Open your Pinocchio box.  Please recycle the box if you decide to discard it

2.  Unpack the contents of the box:  Main Bracket (screws into wall), Pinocchio Arm (determines the distance from the wall), 3 Wooden Pegs, 2 Screws, 2 Plastic Anchors, Installation guide

3.  Determine where on the wall you want to install your Pinocchio.  After determining, mark the screws holes on the wall by pressing a screw into the hole.  This will determine where to install the anchors in step 5.

4.  Aline Pinocchio main bracket with the holes on the wall you made in step 3.  With a 1/4″ Drill Bit, drill pilot holes into the wall through the main bracket.  This will create holes in the wall you will set your plastic anchors in.

5.  Lightly tap the 2 Plastic Anchors into the wall with a hammer.

6.  Aline the main bracket with the tapped in anchors and mount the bracket with the screws provided.

7.  Run the cord vertically up through the main bracket determining the hanging height of the Aspect.

8.  After determining the hanging height of the Aspect (can be adjusted later), use one of the wooden pegs to attach the Pinocchio arm to the main bracket.  Each hole on the side determines the distance of the Aspect from the wall.  Before you push the peg all the way in, determine the arm distance that is right for you.

9.  Place the other wooden peg in the top hole of the main bracket so that the cord can be placed over the peg.

10.  Adjust the length of the cord to match the desired height of your Aspect unit.  Once you have determined the height of your Aspect place the cord into the grooved out section of the Pinocchio Arm.  For more information on hanging heights please click here.

11.  To properly secure the Aspect into place, use one of the Wall Fairleads included in the Aspect™ unit box.  Install a wall fairlead directly under the Pinocchio securely fastening the Aspect cord to the wall preventing the cord from slipping.

12.  The final setup for your Pinocchio Wall Mount Installation

A Large Black Aspect™ plant light with a black Pinocchio wall mount in action!


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