Plant Styling Tips: Enhance Dull Space with Hanging Plants

We all know plants are the latest & greatest trend for interior design. Whether you have an indoor jungle or one houseplant you love to spoil, plant styling can be difficult to master. One of my favorite plant styling techniques that’s sweeping the plant community is hanging plants. Plant hangers are a beautiful way to add visual appeal to your space, break up the dynamics of a room and to keep your plants away from pets or children. Plant styling can be overwhelming at first, but don’t worry. I’ve curated some of my favorite hanging designs from Instagram to share with you for inspiration!

This is a room of complete bliss. Chi has the most serene, boho style that I absolutely adore. Plus, she’s a huge fan of the Aspect grow light (making an appearance in the corner)! I love this setup because it is so unique and such great inspiration. Chi created a climbing effect by using command hooks to guide the pothos leaves up the wall. Command hooks can be used to create movement in a room by guiding your plant’s leaves in any direction you like! This can be applied going across a wall, windowsill or desk too. Check out for more decor inspo.

Another one from Chi, but can you blame me?! This room is filled with energy, from all the plants, to the incredible bright lighting. Hanging your houseplants near windows is great because they will thrive, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. Chi used macrame plant hangers here which are probably the most popular. If you’re up to the challenge, macrame plant hangers can even be personally made! They’re typically neutral in color and make for a beautiful interior decor piece.


This beautiful escape belongs to Sara. Her boho style is incredible, as you can see. Fiddle leaf fig’s are one of my favorite plant styling techniques because they break up a space with their bold, green appearance. However, without this eye catching hanger, the space wouldn’t be the same. Again, this is a macrame hanger with different tiers. This hanger is absolutely beautiful. It’s such a strong statement piece that you can customize with some of your favorite houseplants!

There is so much to love about this space. Kim’s beautiful design inspires in so many ways. The first detail I love is the hanging pothos in a beautiful basket. It is so simple, yet elegant. All you need is a basket of your choice & then let the designing begin!  Let’s talk about how stunning the planter headboard is. This is such a unique idea and really draws into the cozy, comfortable feeling in this space. Green is such a clean, pure color… the more plants the merrier!


Dull window? Not for long! After seeing this beautiful design by Kari, I was so inspired to create something in my own home. This little indoor jungle has it all. In my opinion, it wouldn’t have the same effect without the hanging plants. The three tier hanger is my favorite because it’s dynamic and super customizable. You can switch out which plants go on each level… spreading the love! I also adore the glass pendant because of its elegant simplicity. Of course, the macrame hanger is beautiful as well. They always have such a natural look to them that meshes well with plants. Once you’ve picked your hangers, all you’ll need next are some of your favorite plants to fill up the window sill or table nearby. Wala! You’ve created your own indoor jungle.

What do you guys think of this space? I absolutely love the boston fern macrame hanger. This one is so beautiful because the focus is on the plant more than the hanger. Plus, boston ferns are so fluffy, they look incredible hanging. Did you know ferns are the most efficient plant to remove formaldehyde from the air? They’re also ranked in the top 10 out 50 air purifying plants from NASA. Boston ferns are quite amazing! Of course a beautiful monstera or fiddle leaf fig would brighten up any space, too.


Mette, a visual merchandiser by day & weaver by night, has the most eclectic style! I love the idea of placing hanging plants under this staircase. That string of pearls plant is giving so much life… I adore it! They’re definitely one of my favorite hanging plants because of their length and volume. A pop of green in a bright space is always so beautiful! I love that the hangers blend in with the wall color as well because it does not take away from the plants If you have a similar staircase, this is a must-do design!

Did someone say disco?! But really, how awesome is this disco ball planter. Morgan has the best style so I had to include this because from a plant styling perspective – it is genius! Not only does it look beautiful, but it emits playful light into your space. If you’re looking for a unique, fun way to create movement & energy, this is for you. You can get super creative with this and make it your own. Talk about bringing a dull space to life!


I wanted to include these planters because 1. Erin has amazing plant style and 2. These are great inspiration for your own hanging designs! Here you can closely see the detail that goes into hanging plants. The pot can be the centerpiece or the plant can take the stage. In some cases, the hanger with intricate designs can be the center of attention. I love each of these for different reasons. That’s why hanging plants is a great design technique – you get to customize according to your own plant style.

Snake plants galore! This room looks so clean because of the natural, vibrant appearance. Snake plants are great for bold, green pigmentation in a space, but also design friendly because of their edgy shape. This room is designed well because of the different levels it has. There’s the floor level, then up one you have some plants sitting on baskets, then higher we find some on countertops. Finally, there is the hanging pothos looking beautiful as ever. That’s four levels of green bliss!


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