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    • Pinocchio – Adjustable Wooden Wall Mount for The Aspect


      Pinocchio isn’t just a wall mount: it’s Soltech’s solution to hang any Aspect plant light, while allowing you to adjust its distance from the wall at the same time.
      Pinocchio is designed to function with The Aspect: the cable doesn’t go through any holes, it is wrapped around ridged wooden supports at each end.
      Pinocchio’s arm (or nose?) is mobile and may be adjusted at three different heights, for the best possible result.

      Comes in White varnished, Black varnished, and unfinished beachtree wood.


      Made in Italy out of 100% Beachtree wood by our friends at Creative Cables

      For a step-by-step installation guide please click here

    • Archetto – Transparent Wall Mount for The Aspect


      The Archetto is an Italian Made modern style pendant lighting mount, perfect for hanging the Aspect from your wall.

      It won’t be difficult to find a nice spot for the Archetto, thanks to its light structure made with transparent polycarbonate. The shape of the Archetto resembles an arch (a bracket? A smile maybe?) and makes it possible for you to hang the Aspect anywhere.

      The Archetto can be quickly and easily installed with the included mounting kit.

      Color: Transparent


      Made in Italy by our friends at Creative Cables

    • The Crane™ – Industrial Chic Wall Mount for the Aspect


      The Crane™ is a simple, industrial style wall mount that was inspired by our home city of Bethlehem and it’s renowned Steel Stacks.  The Crane is a great choice for anyone who is looking to add a unique light hanging solution which combines old-world charm with a modern, sleek look.  When coupled with any Aspect, the Crane is sure to make your favorite plant corner feel like a timeless art installation.

      The Crane gets its roots from a local designer using black steel pipe.  The wheels used are customizable, allowing you to choose from black plastic, copper, brass and nickel.   Just send us a message if you need additional options.


      Introduce a beautiful and bold touch to your space with the Crane.  Another Bethlehem, PA original brought to you by the team at Soltech.