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Growing tired of a lifeless interior? Bring nature indoors while adding a sophisticated touch to your space with the grow light used by interior designers, growers and people like you! The Aspect 40 Watt plant light offers an innovative and highly precise photosynthetic spectrum that keeps your plants happy while its sleek pendant style and museum quality light brings beauty to your home.  It’s not just a grow light – it’s the Aspect, the first luxury plant light.

The large 40 Watt Aspect is great for medium to large houseplants and dwarf trees.

Never replace your Aspect! Rated to last 15yrs at 16hrs/day usage.

Whats Included

Researched, designed and built in America.

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Weight 4.6875 lbs

7" x 4" x 4"


90 – 240 VAC

Frequency Range

50/60 Hz

Total Consumption

40 Watts

LED for Incandescent Replacement


LED for HID Replacement

175W HPS or HM


42 μmol/sec



Color Temperature (Kelvin)


Unit Color


Aspect Size

Large 40W

Cord Type

Vintage Fabric Cord

Cord Length

15 Feet, contact us for other lengths


Do not get wet



Cord Color




26 reviews for Large White Matte Aspect™ LED Growlight

  1. M Hong (verified owner)

    I purchased this a few months ago for an empty corner in a room I wanted to fill with plants. I’ve got a cactus and a bird of paradise growing like crazy and putting out new growth under this!! I’m beyond impressed. Definitely recommend

  2. Heather Servies (verified owner)

    I’m simply shocked by how well these lights work! I have the large Aspect as well as a couple of other grow lights up so I could see side by side comparisons of how well my plants did under each. After a month the ones under the Aspect are visibly bigger and the others are reaching towards it! Not to mention it’s beautiful and looks like high end home decor. I’m in love and will be buying more!

  3. Stephanie Nguyen

    Worth every penny. I purchased two lights because I was living in a studio with only one window and these lights grew my cacti with little to no natural light. I love the way they look and that they are truly efficient. I recommend Soltech Solutions to all my plant friends!

  4. Deb (verified owner)

    Been waiting for these lights. They don’t look obtrusive in your living room, dining room and work fabulous. I actually have the smaller one in a east window and the kalanchoe though normally would have stopped blooming at the end of September, has gone on to bloom since the beginning of October to mid January and still going. The cape primrose also needs a lot of light and has been blooming profusely. Nice to always see flowers in the middle of winter.

  5. Aaron (verified owner)

    We ordered two of these and are very happy with them. They are certainly expensive, but you can tell that they are in a different league than what you find on Amazon. This is the kind of purchase that will last you for years and years.

    The light they give off is not overly harsh, so it can work well as area lighting in place of a lamp. And our plants are loving winter light.

    Installation is easy.

  6. Kris

    Compared to traditional grow lights, this is a beautifully designed device. It looks like something Apple would design. Looks aside, I’ve heard great things about its capabilities, so I’m excited to see results.

  7. Lisa C (verified owner)

    I bought my large aspect a few months ago and my plants have been LOVING it. I notice the biggest change in my Monstera Deliciosa. It recently shot out 5 new leaves at once and the splits are back and the leaves are so much bigger. I decided to buy lights for this plant because I noticed that the splits were not forming from lack of light, but now all my other plants get to enjoy it too. I would highly recommend these lights because they don’t clash with home decor like some other grow lights I’ve purchased in the past and they are effective! Set up was also a breeze.

  8. Keri

    Came across Soltech on Instgram as an avid succulent and tropical plant collector. I just moved out of my full sun condo into a small home with poor light for my plants. I took a chance and bought three to fill my dark corners. They are amazing: they look incredible, are super stylish, and very high quality. What I also love about them is the light they give off. No red/blue like other lights I tried, but a nice warm light. Also awesome: how they come with matching chords, stylish chord fasteners, AND a timer. This saves hunting around for the full package to install them. They feel high quality and look it. They also came packaged very well and arrived in just a few days. High recommend and 100% worth the investment. Also fantastic is that they are LED, so it saves energy despite having them on a long time.

  9. Roger Jeanty (verified owner)

    Bought 2 large white Aspect growlights just before Christmas and love them. The plants on my plant wall are growing really well with lots of fresh shoots. In addition, the light is very appealing during the rainy Oregon winter – i have a feeling the quality of light is good for ‘seasonal affective disorder’ when you live somewhere where the sun is very intermittent. Everyone who comes into our living room feels the ‘pull’ of the attractive light and the very healthy looking plants on the wall. Thanks

  10. William Gerk (verified owner)

    I like my 40 watt Aspect Grow Light. I’ve had for about two months now and my plants all look healthy and seem to be growing well. My plants also get some natural light coming through a south facing window. But on cloudy dark days the Aspect Grow light performs. If there was a higher wattage fixture I would consider buying one since I grow some flowering plants too.

  11. Laura R (verified owner)

    My husband and I bought a classic south Philly row home this past May and I was sad to give up my old apartment’s natural light. I spent the summer researching grow lights and the Aspect kept showing up in my search. I didn’t like the look of the cheap lights you could get on Amazon and noticed other plant vendors in the city liked Soltech. The large Aspect was a Christmas present to myself and overall I’ve been very happy with my purchase. It was easy to install and I was surprised to find that the included timer is silent (I have other timers that are noisy). Hoping to add more Aspects in the future.

  12. Lauren (verified owner)

    I’ve had this light for about 6 weeks and the results are incredible. The white light brightens up our whole living space and adds energy to dark Michigan winters. Most importantly, we’ve had amazing new growth on our plants – it seems every day a new leaf pops up. People walk into our home and immediately compliment the beauty of the plants as well as the aesthetic that the light itself brings. It was easy to install and the timer makes the rest of it effortless. Worth every penny!

  13. Janet Brown (verified owner)

    I am truly delighted with my grow light. I knew I wanted a grow light for our entry where I hoped to have my cactus collection. I looked around and knew I wouldn’t be happy with something that didn’t fit our style or looked too commercial. I was so pleased to find the Aspect at Soltech Solutions. The lamp is contemporary and looks great in our home. I love that the timer and everything is included and we could simply hang it and move the plants into place. My plants are happy and I am happy!

  14. Saysana Jeung (verified owner)

    The pendant is an elegant and contemporary addition to my living room. The natural light is so much better than the glaring purple led I had before. My ficus is thriving again. Customer service gets an enthusiastic A+ 5 stars

  15. Melissa D (verified owner)

    I was really nervous my monstera wasn’t going to make it through the grey winters! I bought this over Black Friday after stalking these lights for several months. Let’s just say, me and my monstera are both extremely happy! Now my mom and sister and looking to purchase one in the coming months. Can’t wait to get more plants around this light and to create my own urban jungle!

  16. Sheila Peruvemba (verified owner)

    I recently purchased 4 large aspects for my basement plants that receive very little sunlight. Previously, my plants were yellow and dropping leaves as they were very stressed due to low light. In about a months time, the leaves have stopped dropping and I just noticed some new growth. I am extremely happy with my aspects lighting.

  17. Jennifer (verified owner)

    This is the company I have been waiting for, I love this company! Thank you for your innovation! I bought a large and small aspect grow light for my house plants and indoor fruit trees. My plants are doing great this winter and the lights are beautiful. The lights have a nice warm light that is not only good for plants but also casts a nice ambiance in my living area and helps to boost my mood. I had no lights last winter but since purchasing them my plants have been thriving and are sending out new growth and not dying like last year. My meyer lemon and calamondin orange trees produced the most fragrant flowers and are now covered in baby fruits! These are the only grow lights I will buy because I am picky about lighting and these are the best!

  18. Ania (verified owner)

    This light is truly a beautiful addition to my house. It is so well-designed and a joy to look at. I have had it for a few weeks now to support 9 plants I have growing in a dark corner on the wall in Wally eco planters. The plants absolutely love it and are putting out new growth already. I would mention that I couldn’t decide between getting a large or small Aspect because I have low-medium light plants. I ended up getting the large Aspect and I’m so glad I did. It is doing a great job supporting a 50″ x 60″ wall space of plants. Definitely balked at the price at first, but if I had to do it again, I’d buy it again in a heartbeat. Would recommend!

  19. Greg (verified owner)

    I had been wanting one of these forever after seeing them pop up everywhere on instagram. I’ve tried various grow lights before but I have to say this one’s my favourite. I love that it blends well with the rest of my decor and best part is the results are stellar! 10/10! 😀

  20. Patrick (verified owner)

    I was looking for a grow light that (1) wasnt a hideous design and (2) didnt have a gaudy purple or blinding white light. The Aspect is not only beautifully simple from the silhouette to the roped wire, but the light it gives off is both bright but a pleasing color as well. This thing WORKS! All my full sun outdoor plants are thriving and growing like crazy now.

  21. Nina Tichava (verified owner)

    I have two of these lights and they are amazing! Gorgeous, high end look and a warm, soft light (not colored or harsh like other indoor grow lights). They fit in perfectly in my modern condo. The plants under these lights (figs and ficus) are thriving. I also have noticed very little difference in my electric usage since installing these lights (over a year now, wow). Ive recommended to many friends, they are great.

  22. Paul Ziehm (verified owner)

    Two 40W Aspect Grow Lights were the perfect solution for keeping bonsai trees in my office at work. These lights allow my Portulacaria afra, Ficus benjamina, and Schefflera arboricola to thrive instead of survive despite the challenges of growing “indoor bonsai”.

  23. Beverly DeMartino (verified owner)

    The Soltech white light was the perfect answer to a dark corner for my plant stand. The plants are doing beautifully for months now and I couldnt be happier!

  24. Kimberly Anne Dyer (verified owner)

    Soltech Solutions Aspect Light, when I found it, researching Indoor Grow Lights (Most are Colored and Just Plain Ugly)
    I Love how Beautiful and Simple these lights are and how well they blend right into your indoor de’cor While giving
    your indoor plants the LIGHT that is required for them to Flourish! I have ‘3’ White Aspect Lights! 2~40W and 1~20W.
    I have had these since May of 2018 and I Absolutely do not know HOW I would have managed to have such Beautiful
    indoor Plants and give them All of what they Need to Grow, Light is Vital! Especially in your home and you want your
    plants in the spot of your choice, Not that of the Windows or Lack their of…Do Not Hesitate, these are THE BEST
    Indoor Grow Lights and the Quality is Superb along with their Amazing Customer Service!!! I Love this Brand/Product!
    I am ALWAYS Raving, Sharing my enthusiasm on all my Social Media Platforms, I Will Soon be starting a Website/Blog
    and you Bet I will Have “Soltech Solutions” at the Top of my Favorite Product(s).

  25. Summer Rayne Oakes (verified owner)

    As a proud owner of three Aspect lights, I will be the first to say that I can now confidently grow plants in corners of my home that I couldn’t before.

  26. Gavin (verified owner)

    Beautifully designed grow light lets me keep plants in an area of my home that’s not near a window!

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The Aspect 40 Watt Grow Light

For Medium and Large Plants

full spectrum

The Aspect creates warm white light within the photosynthetic spectrum.

full coverage

Determine which Aspect you need quickly and easily.

customize color

Since we build each Aspect, we can customize your light to fit your style!

buy american

The Aspect was designed and is assembled in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Keep it Clean

Home is where we can each find the sanctum and solace necessary to live our best daily lives. Keep it clean with a look so refreshing and timeless many say it was created by God himself.

Get Green

The Aspect is more than just a pretty face. Allowing you thousands of varieties of plants to grow- it packs a punch.  Saffron, coffee, paper white birch?  The choice is yours.  So pick your favorite plant.  Now grow it.

How To

Here is a step-by-step installation guide on how to properly unpack and hang your Aspect plant light.

It's Science

The Aspect wasn’t born overnight. From countless NASA studies years ago to the absolute latest horticulture research- this light has considered it all.  What we discovered might impress you.

We're Here

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a new kid on the block, we’re always happy to hear from you. From warranties for seamless returns to direct support from our small team, customer (and plant) satisfaction is our highest priority.

- Claude Monet

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece”

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