Highland™ – LIGHT ONLY – White



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The Highland is a first-of-its-kind LED track light designed for growing plants.  Whether you’re installing a grow wall or just looking to incorporate beautiful, green accents throughout your space – the Highland is the light of choice by both horticultural and design professionals.  With a sleek aluminum body set on a track, this unique grow light application allows you to support the growth of plants indoors while displaying them with museum-quality lighting – leaving you with a lush, green plant gallery.

Optimal for green walls and hard to reach places that need additional sun light as well as larger plants that need lighting on all sides.

The built-in reflector sets the light beam at the optimal angle for your plants. To learn more about beam angle, coverage area and what you can grow with the highland click here.

The Highland light fits H-Type Track Rails

Whats Included

This is only a Highland light with NO track rail.  Please see Highland Track Light System for the complete kit.