The Aspect

The world’s first luxury plant light, the Aspect, has struck a balance between a high precision photosynthetic spectrum and supreme lighting quality that is traditionally reserved only for museums and galleries.  But this discovery didn’t happen overnight.  The Aspect is the result of volumes of plant and lighting research and countless series of testing.  We did all this because as plant lovers who take pride in our homes we wanted something new. Most importantly, we wanted it done right.

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Key Features

3000k Color Temperature - Warm White Light

Comfortable warm color

97 CRI (Color Rendering Index)

Renders color nearly perfectly

20-40 Watts of True Power

150-250 Watt Incandescent Replacement

Made in America

Built in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Easy Installation

Comes with the necessary equipment for an easy install

90,000hr (15 Year) Lifespan

If running for 16hrs/day

90 Day Money Back Guarantee - 5 Year Warranty

No questions asked

FREE Shipping

On all grow light orders in U.S


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See what industry professionals are saying about Soltech

"Finding attractive grow lamps was no easy task...until I found the Aspect LED! I'm an intensive indoor grower, but I'm also very particular about how I style my living spaces. The Aspect LED finally allowed me to blend my indoor plant collections and my style seamlessly, without hiding the grow lamps in the closet or garage."

Leslie F. Halleck

Certified Professional Horticulturist, Author of "Gardening Under Lights; The Complete Guide for Indoor Growers"

"As a proud owner of three Aspect lights, I will be the first to say that I can now confidently grow plants in corners of my home that I couldn’t before."

Summer Rayne Oakes

Founder @HomesteadBrooklyn & Plant One On Me

"My Soltech Solutions light arrived and greatly improved my lime tree’s winter depression! I CANNOT BELIEVE how much he’s perked up after being under this lamp for only 12 hours."

Maria Failla

Founder Bloom and Grow Radio

"Their grow light is amazing and fits in any decor due its minimalist design. Setting it up was easy – it comes with hooks and a timer. In just 2 weeks time I was a believer because my cacti grew over 2 inches. I love the Aspect grow light and think it was the best addition ever to our indoor jungle!"

Sara Pavao

Plant Enthusiast @sadies_lovely_life

"This @soltech_solutions full grow spectrum, ultra efficient led grow light is AMAZING!!! My living wall has never been this happy!"

Erin Harding

Author of How to Raise a Plant; And Make It Love You Back

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