Ultimate Succulent Guide: Growing Tips, Decor & More

Dive into the enchanting realm of succulents with us! Popularly recognized by their variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes, succulents are exciting plants to grow because you can tap into your creativity with them! These little guys are the perfect plants for anyone due to their drought tolerance, easy propagation, and super low maintenance needs. As one of the largest succulent retailers (and definitely our favorite), your entire succulent needs from vertical to horizontal growing can be met with Mountain Crest Gardens.

Style Your Home With Succulents

Creativity Blossoms

Deciding on which plant to add to your collection? Need to brighten up a dull workspace or kitchen? Succulents give plant owners the ability to create their own plant style into their decor. Keep it simple with an individual or variety of succulents in an elegant pot to match any interior design. Some of my favorite pots are the simple, natural designs that embrace the beauty of the plant. Others I enjoy have a modern, chic design or energetic patterns that add color or statement to a space. The best part is, you can use almost anything to pot your succulents! This is where the fun happens. Be bold, creative, and unique with your creations… and own it!

Terrarium Gardens

Possibly one of our favorite succulent trends is the terrarium. These are tiny, self-sustainable ecosystems consisting of your choice of small plants. For more information on terrarium growing tips, styling tips and different varieties, check out Growing Tips on The Latest Trend: Terrariums. Succulents are perfect for terrariums because of their low maintenance requirements. Again, feel free to get creative with this by picking different succulents for your little ecosystem. There are so many different options for containers to grow terrariums in. From hanging golden glass to desk orbs, terrariums are a great way to incorporate succulents into your space!

Intriguing Planters

Plant styling is merging with interior design to create a sophisticated, natural appeal to a space using you guessed it: your favorite plants! Style your succulents with hanging planters for a dynamic room bound to wow your guests. Hanging planters are similar to terrariums in the sense that you can build your own creations or hang one bold, desert beauty. Utilizing hanging planters is a great way to enhance windows or bright spaces. For more plant hanger inspo, check out Plant Styling Tips: Enhance Dull Space With Hanging Plants.

How to Make Your Succulent Thrive


As desert plants, succulents need a lot of sunlight to grow healthy and happy. The amount of sunlight your succulents receive is vital for their survival. Most need 12 hours to a full day of sunlight. In high temperature areas, some afternoon shade is ideal. One detail to notice is over exposure to sun, which results in sunburn. This can happen when placed in direct sun outdoors in high temperatures. A good indicator of this is brown or black spots on the leaves. If you do observe sunburn occurring, place them somewhere with some shade & cooler temperatures.

For indoor growing, locations with bright light for most of the day work well. Sunburn is less likely to happen indoors, but it is possible. I have my succulents in a room with a south-facing window, where they receive plenty of light.


Succulents typically thrive best in hot, dry environments. That being said, you want your soil to have great drainage. If planting outdoors, try to use a location that drains well. Usually higher spots that do not stay wet work well. If planting indoors or in a container, cactus soils are great, as well as adding sand, gravel or rocks to help the draining process. Also note that the container being used has a drainage hole.


This is the tricky part in succulent care. Although they are dry desert plants, succulents like to have their soil soaked when watered. Yes, soaked! It is best to thoroughly water your plant, letting it dry out completely before the next water. They store all of the water in their leaves, as if they were in the desert. Another tip to consider based on your succulent is the thickness of the leaves. Typically, thicker leaved plants need less water because they are able to store more internally.

Soltech Favorites from Mountain Crest Gardens

Mountain Crest Gardens is the ultimate succulent retailer, with succulents ranging from all color spectrums to all shapes & sizes. They provide pristine quality plants with safe delivery right to your doorstep. We received our first selection of 10-15 succulents and could not be more pleased. Definitely check these guys out! I’ve provided some of my favorite pots & hangers as well as individual succulents below. Click on the images for more info. Happy growing!

Comments (3)

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  • Does the plant you plant in a small container grow to the size of the container? Or does it need to be transplanted as it grows? Also I live in WI and have a succulant outside,do I need to bring in this winter or just cover it/

    betty borgen
    • Having succulents outdoors is great, but only hardy succulents will survive the winter. Hardy succulents include plants like Sempervivum and Sedum tetractinum. Tender Succulents (soft succulents) are not cold tolerant and will absolutely need to be brought indoors. Tender succulents include plants like Senecio Rowleyanus, Haworthia fasciata and Echeveria.

      As for the pot size, it varies for different plants. Some plants like tighter pots, some like pot sizes that are double the size of the plant. Some plants love the tighter pots and won’t need to be transplanted, were as some outgrow the pot every few years and need to be transplanted. Check out your local greenhouse or funky fun online plant shop for more details. They will be able to provide you with information for a specific plant. I hope that helps!


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