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Why these companies are adding plants into their offices

When you enter “benefits of plants in the office” into Google, you get “About 145,000,000 results”.  And that’s a lot.  Because we all know there are benefits of having plants in the office.   With things like the increase of urban environments, indoor air pollutants, and the rapidly increasing desire to be around nature, the average person usually just assumes this to be true.  But sometimes a picture’s worth a thousand words.  So instead of going through and listing off the countless reasons of why plants in the office are good for you, we’ve compiled a list of 10 successful and recognizable companies in all sorts of different industries that are crushing the market right now.  Their success is all built off the backs of their employees and the places where they do what they do best.  With employees that valuable it’s no wonder why these companies go to lengths to ensure their welfare in the workplace.

1.    Facebook – Menlo Park, CA

Photography: Jasper Sanidad

Photography: Jasper Sanidad

After quickly outgrowing two company headquarters and approaching nearly one billion users, Facebook has finally found and created a campus worthy of calling home. Located at the old Sun Microsystems campus in Menlo Park, the company has transformed this aging office park dinosaur into something that fits the company’s ideals of being social, mobile, culturally-relevant, personally sustaining, and promoting self-expression.

Gensler was chosen to complete the conversion and opted to have their younger designers work on the project in an effort to bring a fresh approach to the young company’s campus. Ringing in at nearly 1 million-square-feet and filled with mostly private offices, this would prove to be no small task.

2.    Uber – London, England

Photography: Thierry Cardineau

Photography: Thierry Cardineau

Denton Associates designed the new offices of transportation company Uber, located in London, England.

UBER has a strong design pallet of patterns and colours, which Denton applied in different ways; from natural wall finishes to fabric choices and joinery details. Using this pallet creatively, we were able to give the space a solid identity. Splashes of colour and a play on their pattern created a fun back of house environment with abundant personality.

You are welcomed directly into their ‘meet and greet’ area with UBER’s logo standing loud and proud on the contrasting moss wall with the illusion of the sign floating above the moss. The ‘meet and greet’ area is between a run of informal breakout spaces which are all framed with UBER’s brand pattern scorched onto ply.

3.    Microsoft – Redmond, WA

Photography: Brian Smale

Photographer: Jeremy Bittermann

Microsoft - Redmond Building 44 Offices - 1

Photography: Benjamin Benschneider Photography, Charlie Shuck (courtesy of Microsoft)

Bora Architects have designed the new offices of global tech company Microsoft located in Building 83 in Redmond, Washington.

Building 83 creates a multi-sensory experience, incorporating tactile textures and ambient soundscaping to enhance employee happiness and productivity.

An auditory art piece titled ‘Elements’, by Ethan Rose, plays in the vestibule. The ever-changing musical composition is interpreted by software drawing from real-time data collected by a weather station on the building roof. The Portal, an all-white structure of undulating aluminum ribs marks the transition from the lobby to a four-story atrium in the building’s core.

Natural light fills this central volume, bringing together 1200 occupants from 14 work wings. An espresso bar anchors the ground floor. Above, glass conference rooms hover over the atrium rim, offering views of the activity below. The Continuum, a custom-designed wood screen made from recycled oak, traverses the walls and ceilings, filtering light and creating a visible banner of connectivity.

4.    Etsy – Brooklyn, NY

Photography: Garrett Rowland, courtesy of Gensler

Photography: Garrett Rowland, courtesy of Gensler

Photography: Garrett Rowland, courtesy of Gensler

Gensler has designed the new offices of e-commerce company Etsy, located in Brooklyn, New York City.

Etsy’s new Brooklyn Headquarters is designed to showcase their culture of treating “Code as Craft.” The theme reinforces the celebration of making from end-to-end—spanning across both analog and digital space.

Blurring the lines between workplace and habitat, the headquarters is on track to become the largest Living Building Challenge Petal-Certified project in the world. The design aspires to be a fully independent, regenerative ecosystem that sets a bar for a more dynamic and robust interpretation of sustainability. Through its materials story—sustainable, authentic, local, reclaimed—and its green embrace—nature permeating the space—the headquarters advances the potential for sustainability at all levels.

5.    Nike – New York City, NY

Photography: courtesy of HUXHUX Design